Christmas market

The St.Gallen Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) opened this week (29th November) and managed to coincide with the second major snowfall of the year. This is significant because, let’s be honest, a Christmas market without snow somehow just isn’t as authentic.


The market is in the old market hall but overflows around the Marktplatz and up towards the cathedral. To be fair, it isn’t really a very impressive Xmas market given the scale of some of the places available in the rest of Europe, but it is kind of quaint and makes the city look pretty under snow.


The shops are not particularly inventive or Christmassy and they sell the same things each year. The highlight is definitely the gluhwein sellers (see below) which are packed, in spite of being ludicrously expensive :-). Its worth it though.


Get your self a couple of glasses of gluhwein, served in a boot (!), head to the raclette stand and then on to the pancake stand for a nutella pancake. Finish with a stroll up to the cathedral and it’s monster (but undecorated?) Christmas tree.

All in all, it won’t take you more than a couple of hours, but its worth it once in a while.