Tip of the day: free wine-tasting at Coop

Are you interested in wine? Do you need to do your grocery shopping this evening? Well head over to the large Coop Gallusmarkt near Neudorf and combine the two :-). There is also a 20% discount of all wine until Saturday and today the Coop is open until 8:30pm as usual for late Thursday shopping.

Best bet is to head there are 7pm as the Coop is normally fairly empty after this and you can avoid any queues. And the great thing is that the man who is in charge of the wine tasting stand speaks perfectly good English and is always up for a nice chat! Definitely a man who enjoys his job!

Slightly blurred photo for you, but then I was driving a trolley at the time…:

wine tasting


Rock Story

Are you wondering where you can find a little life in St.Gallen? If you are interested in football, the Europa League to be specific, then why not head into town this Thursday (29th August) at around 6pm for kick off. St.Gallen are playing Spartak Moscow and numerous bars are going to be showing the game. This would either be an excellent evening for a night out, or if you don’t like football, an excellent evening to avoid the city centre!

Now for a recommendation on where to watch it. A great place to go is Rock Story in Augustinergasse. This is a cosy backstreet near the Marktplatz and aside from being a great place to go anyway for a drink, the atmosphere is great if you want to watch some sports. In addition, the staff speak excellent English and are always welcoming. In addition they have a table with a private beer tap in case you want to reserve space for a group! On warm evenings, people spill out into the little car-free square in front which Rock Story shares with a few other bars.

All in all, a great place for a night out!


St.Gallen weather

You can feel it in the air, there has been a distinct change in atmosphere today, Autumn is coming. We are still going to get plenty of warm sunny days, but the early mornings are now chilly and damp, and sunlight is now gone by 9pm.

So what can you expect from the weather in St.Gallen? Last Winter was fairly unique. we had snow for roughly 6 months from October 31 until well into April. St.Gallen also has the reputation among the Swiss for being a very wet city allegedly seeing rain or snow for 2 out of every 3 days. This seems a little extreme to me, but it is definitely a little wetter than other places. The meteorologists out there may be able to explain the connection with lake Konstanz for me…

From my point of view, coming from a wet and windy island in the North, St.Gallen has amazing weather. There are normally 2 months of solid sunshine in the Summer and regular temperatures of 25-30 degrees. In the Winter, you are guaranteed real snow for at least 2 months from Jan-Feb. Snow that you can actually ski or sledge on without getting a brown bum.

The coldest I have seen it is -20 degrees, but this was unusual and normally only happens once or twice in the middle of the night. For the most part the winter goes no lower than about -5.

Spring and Autumn has its fair share of rain and 10 degree days, but compared to the UK, these seasons are considerably shorter and drier.

The biggest advantage I see in St.Gallen is the lack of wind. We are protected by a narrow valley and wind chill factor is almost non-existent. Having lived in the north of England I know how much of a difference this makes. Autumn days are still extremely pleasant!

Long summer evenings

Wondering what to do in the evenings? Tonight of course you have the excitement of St.Gallen Fest in town, where yet again the city centre fills up with places to eat and drink, this time with a music theme. The highlight is about 10 mini stages hidden down various side streets with performers playing all sorts of music.

Tomorrow though you are going to be at a loose end. So why not pack yourself a picnic, a crate of cold beer, and head up the hill to the Drei Weihern (three lakes) on the no. 5 bus line. Spend the afternoon in and out of the water or just simply sitting on the grass enjoying the music that is often provided.


Admittedly, it may feel like the whole town is there sometimes but the atmosphere is good and the evenings are long and warm.



And not sure who organises the music tent, but it can sometimes be a good selection :-). The locals seem to enjoy it though!