Leaving St.Gallen

I’m sorry to say that after many years in this beautiful little town I am moving on. It has been a pleasure to be able to provide this blog and I hope that people to continue to benefit from it for years to come :-). I won’t delete any content, but I’m afraid that eventually most of the information will become out of date.

But who knows. One day I might move back and I will for sure start to blog again. And thanks to everyone who followed the blog and all of the e-mails of support I received.

And if you ever decide to move to Frankfurt next, why not take a look at my new blog: www.frankfurtexpat.wordpress.com

As if I would actually stop blogging entirely 🙂

Enjoy St.Gallen!!


Gyms and Fitness

St.Gallen is pretty well served when it comes to gyms but not so good in terms of the variety of courses and group fitness available. The problem seems to be space with many gyms having a shortage of space for group activities. Below is a little map for you of the gyms in St.Gallen, but first a few general pointers:

– first, gym membership can be expensive in Switzerland. So is your health insurance. But many insurance companies will reimburse the cost of annual gym membership. This can be from about 200-800 CHF but varies between companies and can depend on your policy conditions, so check!

– consider getting the Migros ‘Intercity-Card‘. For CHF 1450, it gives access to lots of places around Switzerland in case you need to workout in a random city. More importantly it includes the swimming pool, fitness and wellness rooms at Säntis Park and Hotel Einstein – both great facilities.

– if you are a student, use the university’s facilities! They have a great range of clubs and a gym for free.

– group fitness choices are fairly limited. The Klubschule Migros has the best range of courses but not necessarily the best in quality or at the right time. Definitely the place to check first though. There is no Crossfit in St.Gallen at the moment (sorry!) but Zumba has completely taken over. Plenty of yoga and pilates and a lot of random one-off courses.

– there is a women only gym but very few courses. Just a fitness room I’m afraid…