Cycling Route through Eggersriet



Distance: 26.7km
Duration: 2 hours (3hrs with children)

Ok, I know that if you look out of your window right now, its raining. But trust me, it was really nice out this morning! The snow only stopped falling a few short weeks away, but already we are getting some great days with around 20c. The sun is out for a good 13-14 hours a day now so time to get on a bike and explore.

This route is a nice easy option for an adult with a fun downhill for the the last quarter all the way into St.Gallen. The first stretch once you leave the town is a little hard on the legs so I wouldn’t recommend for children under 10. You will also need to make use of opportunities to stop and recover, as there will be stretches where there is just no place to stop.

When you get to Eggersriet though, the hardwork is all over and from B to C on the map you’ll be able to enjoy some really pretty scenery and great views all the way to Germany.Eggersriet route