Going to the hairdressers (Coiffeur) in St.Gallen is not the easiest of experiences.  There are a number of issues: Language, result and cost

Firstly, I have yet to find an English speaking hairdresser in this city so this may affect the outcome of the haircut. At the very least it makes for an interesting exchange when it comes to describing what you need. Many hairdressers are also uncomfortable with high German…

The result is also not always optimal.  There isn’t a single place that fills me with confidence. This could be because of the language or style expectations in a different country.

Lastly, cost – which I can help with. The average men’s hair cut (wash and cut) is CHF 60! This can go up to about CHF 80 for nicer establishments.  There are two places that offer discount haircuts though and are not listed on google maps in case you try searching for them:

Coiffure Fachschule

Both of these are near the train station and have trainees available who charge about CHF 30 for a men’s cut. P2 needs to be booked in advance as they don’t always have someone available. It is also not easy to find as it is inside another hairstudio. The Fachschule is a lot better, with trainees and recent graduates (CHF 40) available. They also offer free unlimited ‘trimming’ to tidy you up in between haircuts.  Appointments are also not needed.

There are lots of other studios around town though, so I am sure there will be other bargains out there. Or you could just pop down to Bregenz or Konstanz for a better price. You should probably consider this if the whole family need a haircut or if you are looking at the women’s prices…!

A little map here for you with many of the hairdressers in St.Gallen listed: