OFFA Horse Show

The OFFA is very similar to the OLMA in October, but pretty much all about horses. It is even hosted at the same venue.

photo 7

This is pretty good fun and maybe a bit more interesting for people with families as well as the event is more spread out in the surrounding streets. Not everything is related to horses, but most of it is. The event is from Tuesday until this Sunday and although you have missed most of the days now, the best is at the weekend. Here is a complete schedule for you. There is also a child friendly guide for people with small children.

Highlight: This year there is a 300 horse parade through the streets of St.Gallen on Saturday morning at 11am starting at Vadianstrasse (near the train station) to the OFFA.

Now, let’s be honest, this could all get a bit smelly, so for those of us who just want food and drink can enjoy the many interesting little huts lining the streets around the OFFA main event:
photo 3
The beer stand can’t be avoided…
photo 4

photo 6

photo 8

photo 9

And there is even a shop to buy horse meat! (presumably for those horses who don’t last the full 6 day event…?)
photo 1

And, of course, the traditional Swiss ‘Cornish Pasties’ shop…?
photo 5