Openair St.Gallen

This weekend sees St.Gallen host Openair, one of Switzerland’s biggest music festivals with 30,000 attendees daily. If you don’t already know about it then you are already too late. Tickets are sold out already as usual and there are no ticket sales on the day.

The event features local, national and international bands often with some pretty big names. The whole thing is located out to the west of town with everyone camping out around the three stages. Crowds have been turning up for the last couple of days with camping gear on their backs hoping to get there early enough for one of the best spots. This year is going to be a bit of a mud-bath, so an uphill spot is advisable!


Dedicated buses are running from the main train station regularly, so that the many visitors don’t disturb the daily life in St.Gallen. For any one who is interested though, there is one almighty party going on down by the river!


N.b. credit for the photos goes to the Openair 2012 facebook page. I didn’t want to go up in a balloon for the overhead shot 🙂