Café Doessegger

Are you looking for somewhere for a quick coffee and cake in the town centre? There are a few nice little places, including this one right near Marktplatz.

Doessegger has been around for years and is always popular and busy. Now that the sun is out, they have just started putting chairs outside. So if you have a spare 20 minutes and fancy a rest from shopping this is a good choice. Service is really quick and friendly, and the cakes are great. Order your cake at the counter on the way in and then find a seat.

My minor disappointment is that the selection is always limited compared to other places, but the quality is really good and always very fresh.





Restaurant Review: Samosa

Score 7/10

I did a post a while ago about the Indian Palace which still deserves its place as the top Indian restaurant in town.


If you are looking for somewhere quick and easy, but still with great food, look no further than Samosa in Engelgasse. They have just reopened after renovating and are as good as ever. For lunch, they have a buffet with 3 or 4 dishes normally on offer. The price is really reasonable for St.Gallen: CHF 15 for vegetarian, or CHF 18 if you also have the meat dish.

And don’t be afraid to ask for the mango lassi – tastes great!


Restaurant Review: Al Capone’s Steakhouse

Score: 6/10

Al Capone’s is a recent addition to St.Gallen and replaced the Italian restaurant Molino’s above the main buss top on Marktplatz. They still serve the regular mix of Italian dishes but have an extra steak section on the menu.

The beef is currently only from Switzerland and the US, but with pork steaks from Argentina. They could use a little more selection on the menu considering they are a steakhouse, but the food is fairly good.

The steaks are all served rare on a hot plate, allowing you to cook the meat further to your own taste. This is great for the novelty value, but could get a little annoying if you go regularly.
Biggest issue I had was the cost. CHF 50 for a 300g steak and one drink. The steak came with one side-dish. For a good, but not amazing meal, that’s a lot of money. With a more suitable price I would probably have given it a 7/10.

As far as steakhouse’s go, it is worth considering and it is good to have another central option, but it would come third in the list after Englers by the Olma and Lagerhaus by the police station.


Restaurant review: ChinaTown

Score: 8/10

A handy guide to the cost of living are the Chinese restaurants. For a town of 70,000 people there are surprisingly few Chinese restaurants. The cost of a Chinese meal for two varies from about CHF 40 – 100 and the quality doesn’t always match. Here is a list of all the Chinese restaurants in order of my preference (therefore a very subjective opinion):

In-house (2 people) Takeaway (2 dishes)
1. ChinaTown CHF 70 CHF 35
2. Wok CHF 90 CHF 50
3. Golden Dragon CHF 90 CHF 60
4. New White Swan CHF 40 CHF 35
5. Shunsing CHF 70 CHF 40

Of the 5 restaurants, ChinaTown is the clear front runner for quality, authenticity and atmosphere. The price is reasonable and the style of food is certainly closest to what you would get in China.

Next come Wok and Golden Dragon which are very similar in quality and price. Still good choices for food but nothing amazing. White Swan is a good choice if you are on a budget and/or just need a quick meal in town. Shunsing is too far out of the centre for most people and not worth the effort unless you live in the area.

A couple of photos of ChinaTown for you: