Salaries in St.Gallen

Now that you know how much it will cost to survive in St.Gallen (roughly!), you probably need to know how much you need to earn and how much you can ask for.

Salary negotiations in Switzerland are notoriously difficult for foreigners particularly those moving from overseas.  Swiss job adverts rarely show salary and potential employees are often expected to state their salary requirement either before or during the interview.  This can be advantageous if you know what the going rate is and how much to push it.  But more likely, you will either ask for too much and have to climb down (or miss out entirely) or ask for too little and miss out on a few thousand that would have made your life a lot easier.

CHF 50-60,000 – Lowest level entry salary for junior admin position
CHF 60-70,000 – Semi-skilled technical or office position with at least a couple of years experience, probably with BA degree
CHF 70-90,000 – Office administrator, possibly managing 1-2 juniors, several years experience, possibly specific technical skills required
CHF 90-120,000 – at least 5 years relevant experience, team lead/office head position
CHF 120,000+ – at least 8 years relevant experience, mid- to senior management, probably holding Masters or equivalent, or with 10+ years relevant technical/specialist skills

This is a rough guide that will vary between industry and company, so don’t hold me to it….