Sledging / Tobogganing

So the season for winter sports is upon us! Many of us who have immigrated to Switzerland will have, at the back of our minds, the idea that this is one of the perks of living here. Unfortunately it seems to polarise, and just as many people seem to hate the idea of playing around with snow.


Possibly the most basic (and cheapest) of the options. Pick yourself a sledge from Coop or Migros and head to your local hill.¬† Beware though that sledges here start at around CHF 70 and decent sledges can cost over CHF 200. However, for those who don’t have the luxury of shopping over the border in Austria/Germany, then keep an eye on your local¬†brockenhaus (2nd hand shops) early in the season. You should find something for between CHF 5-50.

And lastly where to sledge? If you cant see any where obvious, first follow children with sledges. They seem to know best, but be careful not to look too dodgy :-). Otherwise, Lachen has a great slope in the park here. If you have a hill near where you live, you can also use it for ski practice to avoid embarrassing yourself on a real slope!

Once you are up for some more serious sledging, there are often dedicated sledge runs in ski resorts that you can head for. You can use the ski lifts and you get several km of uninterrupted sledging…