Restaurant review: Focacceria

Score: 8/10

Eating out probably isn’t going to be top of your list when you first get to St.Gallen, but at some point this could come in useful. I’m going to start with one of my favourites: Focacceria.

This is a one off sandwich bar / restaurant. Downstairs they have a counter offering freshly baked Focaccia bread which they will then fill to order from an excellent array of meats/cheeses and additional fillings. It is a little expensive but the sandwich is full and you will get value for money which is hard to say in many places in switzerland.

Upstairs there is a garden seating area (not so funny at the moment…) and they serve excellent homemade soups and pasta.

In the evenings, it is a bit of a fashionable place to go for dinner and make a transition to a cosy restaurant, essentially offering the same foods in a different package. When it comes to the price for dinner, at about CHF 30, this is a bargain.