Restaurant Review: Al Capone’s Steakhouse

Score: 6/10

Al Capone’s is a recent addition to St.Gallen and replaced the Italian restaurant Molino’s above the main buss top on Marktplatz. They still serve the regular mix of Italian dishes but have an extra steak section on the menu.

The beef is currently only from Switzerland and the US, but with pork steaks from Argentina. They could use a little more selection on the menu considering they are a steakhouse, but the food is fairly good.

The steaks are all served rare on a hot plate, allowing you to cook the meat further to your own taste. This is great for the novelty value, but could get a little annoying if you go regularly.
Biggest issue I had was the cost. CHF 50 for a 300g steak and one drink. The steak came with one side-dish. For a good, but not amazing meal, that’s a lot of money. With a more suitable price I would probably have given it a 7/10.

As far as steakhouse’s go, it is worth considering and it is good to have another central option, but it would come third in the list after Englers by the Olma and Lagerhaus by the police station.