Café Doessegger

Are you looking for somewhere for a quick coffee and cake in the town centre? There are a few nice little places, including this one right near Marktplatz.

Doessegger has been around for years and is always popular and busy. Now that the sun is out, they have just started putting chairs outside. So if you have a spare 20 minutes and fancy a rest from shopping this is a good choice. Service is really quick and friendly, and the cakes are great. Order your cake at the counter on the way in and then find a seat.

My minor disappointment is that the selection is always limited compared to other places, but the quality is really good and always very fresh.





Icecream parlour: Eiscafe Gekko

Score: 10/10

Summer has officially arrived, although in reality, it feels more like Autumn.

When the sun does shine though, you should have a look at St.Gallen’s best kept secret: Eiscafe Gekko.


This little treasure serves the most amazing homemade icecreams and sorbets in Eastern Switzerland. Some of the sorbets are even dairy-free for those of you with allergies, but be sure to check with them before you order. The Eiscafe is only open 6 months of the year hidden away at the top of Engelgasse opposite Samosa.

The only issue is that there is limited place and no sunshine here to sit and enjoy your icecream. So be prepared to buy and walk…